Tripping over a ROad Trip

Hello !! It’s been a long time here. I hope you all are in high spirits and doing well! I am on vacation..coming from an amazing road trip *I will be talking about it later✌️😉* Right now I am all set to welcome the fall……relaxing at home, sipping hot coffee and enjoying the cool breeze touching my face!! I hope you all are visiting places, Exploring the unexplored and making greater memories!! That too in your fashionisticway!

I am so excited.. this post is as wander(full) as wild thoughts in my mind!!  My journey from down south to extreme Eastern part of the country was spectacular. A lot of things happening in my life right now – personally and professionally 😍

Anyways as I told you I m just coming from a road trip to a soulful place in North East India – Tawang

Five days trip to twang started from Jorhat…Our journey was to take us from Tezpur to Dirang via a beautiful Tenga Valley, another transit points en route to Tawang. Waking up to the best sights of the river and rolling mountains and walking across the Tawang town, visiting the monastery and serene Sela lake…I am short of words but totally magical it was!

From the green verdant plains to the majestic mountains.

From sun-kissed ripe green fields to the tall elegant conifers.

From the thunderous sound of river water to the magical silence of the streams.

From yon spangling waterfalls to lacy cloud covered Valley.

From the huge elephants and Rhinos to the silky black yaks.

From healthy gypsy souls to cold and fever trapped Wanderers! 

But apart from this, It was the company which made it more soulful!!

Though this road trip was like a roller coaster ride but so what?? 

What I believe is Stop being afraid of what can go wrong, start being excited about what can go right!!!

Well in the end as I always say, where ever u go.. Go prepared . Whether travelling for a living or just for leisure, doing it in style doesn’t come naturally to all of us. But it’s okay!! We all are here to experiment and create our own state of style! 

For this trip, I packed my bag for breezier looks with colourful tank tops, vacation-ready espadrilles (or a pair of sneakers ) and stylish denims and there is always enough space for cute shorts and comfy black jeggings. Add some fun accessories to look effortlessly perfect.

Remember: great outfit and a beautiful destination make for the one truly magical combination.

Stay tuned on my Instagram page to see more fun clicks.DM on @sephoric_shades to share your experience or comment below 👇🏻

Stay in love with the weather around Diwali and beyond. 




The journey is a word which is related to a new beginning or an amazing ending!

More or less it is related to a beautiful change in the phase of life.

But still, we have some plans or some little dreams about our lives. But Sometimes life happens to be totally unexpected and we have to understand this fact that Not everything always goes the way we planned…

It doesn’t mean you stop dreaming!🤗


but don’t be so stiff or calculative…

Change is an inevitable part of life they say and trust me it happens whether we’re ready or not! In that case, we have only two options; either we happily accept it or just hold on to the past and keep crying…

And the only Mantra to enjoy this change is to welcome the change, be brave to face it and enjoy every bit of it!

The day you stop worrying about tiny things and push yourself out from your (happy-making ) comfort zone……… the day you will realise Man!!! I AM CAPABLE OF GOING THIS FAR! Treat it like an unknown adventure

Just enjoy the unfoldings of life

There will be a times when you will not be at peace. The mind will be in a disturbed state

It’s okay!!

Calm down… Sit and Hold your coffee mug

And close your eyes….. Look back over your life… Can you honestly say it has turned out the way you planned???

For most of us, I would think NOT!!!

Just focus on the present. Live it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.


keep dreaming!!! 😊

Live it !!! And Love it!

Sometimes we all waste time thinking about happy endings

But there is no such thing like happily ever after

Trust me when you come out of one mess

You are about to enter in a new one

In all this vicious circle

You fall….Crumble

But it’s okay, don’t give up because you can dare to be happy … for small moments

Live them……

You can dare to love again

You can dare to jump higher

And fly with broken wings!!!!

Stay high on hope and reel every moment!!!


Grace of Getting

In this holy universe, nothing can decide or define

What we deserve or what we don’t !!

Actually it’s a cliche…..


Don’t justify your dreams or desires because the moment you start juggling between ‘HAVE’ and ‘HAVE-NOTs”… you will lose the grip on the GRACE of getting things you deserve …

Cherish the small achievements, stop being harsh on yourself… don’t set any timeline and don’t compete to qualify it…

I am not saying don’t work hard to get something.. but the idea is to enjoy this time … not losing yourself in this race of what we deserve…!!!

So celebrate every moment

Gear up for the next task …… Treat yourself !! And that’s what you actually deserve !


Hello everyone 🤗

Happy weekend!!

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful and hot month of May… Let’s welcome the perfect June and open our arms for amazing sun. Let’s get some tanning as summer is not going to be kind …. ah, I am not complaining… because this summer gave me the opportunity to travel to beautiful places in an amazing state of a classic country ‘India’.

This summer mountain called me in Himachal Pradesh. My first venture of this summer in the valley of Kullu Manali , the scenic charm of Solang, pine-covered beautiful hills of Tosh , kheer Ganga, Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery which is strongly dedicated to Dalai Lama and divine Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara famous for hot water springs.

(Well!! planning a trip to Himachal is not a big deal but feel free to contact for itinerary or DM on IG @sephoric_shades)

Now that I am trying a new thing again with my blog by shifting its focus on the fashionistic way of travelling.(This is my blog so I have the right to write and chose words so ’Fashionistic’ is a self-generated word which according to me is stylish)


What I realised again was

that travelling is the best mode of transportation for our thoughts.

Let me explain …. while I was travelling I had some time to appreciate the scenic beauty of the nature and lot of thoughts were flowing into my mind

High hills of Himachal made me realise that in our life we rush after this goal of reaching the top

But when u reach there …. the funny part is you are still not at the top there are lot other higher peaks to climb.

So the point is maybe your highest point wasn’t when you reached the top !!

Maybe it happened somewhere along the way.

It is for you to decide

Be satisfied … and it doesn’t mean you have to give up.

But stop, take a break, stare at the beauty and smile

Ignore those who passed you with their eyes fixed ahead.

The moment you get control over your random fears which are stopping you to move on; is the time you are close to that zenith.

And Trust me it did not disappoint me. God! I was so in love with this place

And I have this feeling, those mountains want me to come back

I thought I was a beach person but I realised there’s no such thing ….. they both are beautiful in their own way

Beaches got its purity reflected

And mountains are like a treasure hunt .the closer you go, the farther more you can explore as if there is no end to it.

Coming to the best part – travelling fashion. Where ever you go …make sure you leave a mark..

If you say you can’t be fashionable while travelling, wearing a T-shirt, boring shoes and pyjamas are the best you can do!!!! well, think again ..!!

I styled my travel look with the most comfortable tank top and casual black denims and a basic crop top with my cargo pants and comfortable boots. It’s a fun fusion of Indo western fashion. Perfect accessory selection will complete the look

Of course for the religious place .. I recommend traditional outfit….

Have a look!!

Fashion is what you are .. what you decide to be and reflect …it’s nothing but your definition of comfort and your idea of adventure.

Try the fusion … be different be you!! Play along and create your own fashion statement.

Happy travelling !! Xo

Blessed Bling

I thought I was wounded

Without realising the fact

That my strong self was in making

I thought I was lost

But when I reached ashore

I was amazed to find my destined track

I thought everything was falling

When I opened my eyes

I saw a beautiful world created

I thought I was scared and weak

When I stood up

I was strong enough to walk against all odds

Dear Readers

Sharing another random thought ….this is the first time I framed my words into a poem

Well do comment and let me know how did it go 😬😬?

Hmm…after lots of amazing and thundering life episodes … I was able to reach somewhere close to (some) conclusion

That whatever shit happens in life

Is just a state ..which is there for a fraction of time

So be calm … let different shades of life happen ….. because that’s what is going to make adventure more interesting

Things will go in your favour or sometimes end up out of the way

But in this whole episode

Don’t lose yourself

The one who never loses their identity

Is the one with high standards and classy attitude (I strongly believe)

Don’t let any fake polish cover your spark

Walk and spangle the world

Because you are nothing but a Blessed Bling

Rise n Shine n Think 💭

Sometimes I wonder God was so unkind to us, that we were granted only one life!!!

This thought haunts me a lot ..when i see my checklist of things to do in life…..

Gosh!! that super crazy long check list … with unchecked tasks – always gives me a loud alarm ,” its high time…do something about it!! Time is passing and Life Is Short… and It’s Getting Shorter!!!

But i am not writing this article to crib about my one short life…… (well, that is also a problem too but I got this thing handled, i think so)

Anyhow , i was saying that I have come across lot of people and amazingly I don’t understand how do they get so much time to increase their hatred for others

Sad but true …. some people are blessed with spare mental capacity to waste their mental peace n energy on things which hardly matters


Dear Readers

I am not dialectician or somthing …I am just sharing my views from my personal so called hard fought experiences that its not worth at all..


Decide for yourself what is important for you and ultimately what makes you happy

Do good thing to others , help them

Be with them!!

Your love for every creature is supposed to increase

You are suppose to forgive others ignorance

Be kind , more tolerant and wiser!!