Tripping over a ROad Trip

Hello !! It’s been a long time here. I hope you all are in high spirits and doing well! I am on vacation..coming from an amazing road trip *I will be talking about it later✌️😉* Right now I am all set to welcome the fall……relaxing at home, sipping hot coffee and enjoying the cool breeze touching my face!! I hope you all are visiting places, Exploring the unexplored and making greater memories!! That too in your fashionisticway!

I am so excited.. this post is as wander(full) as wild thoughts in my mind!!  My journey from down south to extreme Eastern part of the country was spectacular. A lot of things happening in my life right now – personally and professionally 😍

Anyways as I told you I m just coming from a road trip to a soulful place in North East India – Tawang

Five days trip to twang started from Jorhat…Our journey was to take us from Tezpur to Dirang via a beautiful Tenga Valley, another transit points en route to Tawang. Waking up to the best sights of the river and rolling mountains and walking across the Tawang town, visiting the monastery and serene Sela lake…I am short of words but totally magical it was!

From the green verdant plains to the majestic mountains.

From sun-kissed ripe green fields to the tall elegant conifers.

From the thunderous sound of river water to the magical silence of the streams.

From yon spangling waterfalls to lacy cloud covered Valley.

From the huge elephants and Rhinos to the silky black yaks.

From healthy gypsy souls to cold and fever trapped Wanderers! 

But apart from this, It was the company which made it more soulful!!

Though this road trip was like a roller coaster ride but so what?? 

What I believe is Stop being afraid of what can go wrong, start being excited about what can go right!!!

Well in the end as I always say, where ever u go.. Go prepared . Whether travelling for a living or just for leisure, doing it in style doesn’t come naturally to all of us. But it’s okay!! We all are here to experiment and create our own state of style! 

For this trip, I packed my bag for breezier looks with colourful tank tops, vacation-ready espadrilles (or a pair of sneakers ) and stylish denims and there is always enough space for cute shorts and comfy black jeggings. Add some fun accessories to look effortlessly perfect.

Remember: great outfit and a beautiful destination make for the one truly magical combination.

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