The journey is a word which is related to a new beginning or an amazing ending!

More or less it is related to a beautiful change in the phase of life.

But still, we have some plans or some little dreams about our lives. But Sometimes life happens to be totally unexpected and we have to understand this fact that Not everything always goes the way we planned…

It doesn’t mean you stop dreaming!🤗


but don’t be so stiff or calculative…

Change is an inevitable part of life they say and trust me it happens whether we’re ready or not! In that case, we have only two options; either we happily accept it or just hold on to the past and keep crying…

And the only Mantra to enjoy this change is to welcome the change, be brave to face it and enjoy every bit of it!

The day you stop worrying about tiny things and push yourself out from your (happy-making ) comfort zone………..is the day you will realise Man!!! I AM CAPABLE OF GOING THIS FAR! Treat it like an unknown adventure

Just enjoy the unfoldings of life

There will be a times when you will not be at peace. The mind will be in a disturbed state

It’s okay!!

Calm down… Sit and Hold your coffee mug

And close your eyes….. Look back over your life… Can you honestly say it has turned out the way you planned???

For most of us, I would think NOT!!!

Just focus on the present. Live it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.


keep dreaming!!! 😊


Live it !!! And Love it!

Sometimes we all waste time thinking about happy endings

But there is no such thing like happily ever after

Trust me when you come out of one mess

You are about to enter in a new one

In all this vicious circle

You fall….Crumble

But it’s okay, don’t give up because you can dare to be happy … for small moments

Live them……

You can dare to love again

You can dare to jump higher

And fly with broken wings!!!!

Stay high on hope and reel every moment!!!