Hello everyone 🤗

Happy weekend!!

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful and hot month of May… Let’s welcome the perfect June and open our arms for amazing sun. Let’s get some tanning as summer is not going to be kind …. ah, I am not complaining… because this summer gave me the opportunity to travel to beautiful places in an amazing state of a classic country ‘India’.

This summer mountain called me in Himachal Pradesh. My first venture of this summer in the valley of Kullu Manali , the scenic charm of Solang, pine-covered beautiful hills of Tosh , kheer Ganga, Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery which is strongly dedicated to Dalai Lama and divine Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara famous for hot water springs.

(Well!! planning a trip to Himachal is not a big deal but feel free to contact for itinerary or DM on IG @sephoric_shades)

Now that I am trying a new thing again with my blog by shifting its focus on the fashionistic way of travelling.(This is my blog so I have the right to write and chose words so ’Fashionistic’ is a self-generated word which according to me is stylish)


What I realised again was

that travelling is the best mode of transportation for our thoughts.

Let me explain …. while I was travelling I had some time to appreciate the scenic beauty of the nature and lot of thoughts were flowing into my mind

High hills of Himachal made me realise that in our life we rush after this goal of reaching the top

But when u reach there …. the funny part is you are still not at the top there are lot other higher peaks to climb.

So the point is maybe your highest point wasn’t when you reached the top !!

Maybe it happened somewhere along the way.

It is for you to decide

Be satisfied … and it doesn’t mean you have to give up.

But stop, take a break, stare at the beauty and smile

Ignore those who passed you with their eyes fixed ahead.

The moment you get control over your random fears which are stopping you to move on; is the time you are close to that zenith.

And Trust me it did not disappoint me. God! I was so in love with this place

And I have this feeling, those mountains want me to come back

I thought I was a beach person but I realised there’s no such thing ….. they both are beautiful in their own way

Beaches got its purity reflected

And mountains are like a treasure hunt .the closer you go, the farther more you can explore as if there is no end to it.

Coming to the best part – travelling fashion. Where ever you go …make sure you leave a mark..

If you say you can’t be fashionable while travelling, wearing a T-shirt, boring shoes and pyjamas are the best you can do!!!! well, think again ..!!

I styled my travel look with the most comfortable tank top and casual black denims and a basic crop top with my cargo pants and comfortable boots. It’s a fun fusion of Indo western fashion. Perfect accessory selection will complete the look

Of course for the religious place .. I recommend traditional outfit….

Have a look!!

Fashion is what you are .. what you decide to be and reflect …it’s nothing but your definition of comfort and your idea of adventure.

Try the fusion … be different be you!! Play along and create your own fashion statement.

Happy travelling !! Xo