Blessed Bling

I thought I was wounded

Without realising the fact

That my strong self was in making

I thought I was lost

But when I reached ashore

I was amazed to find my destined track

I thought everything was falling

When I opened my eyes

I saw a beautiful world created

I thought I was scared and weak

When I stood up

I was strong enough to walk against all odds

Dear Readers

Sharing another random thought ….this is the first time I framed my words into a poem

Well do comment and let me know how did it go 😬😬?

Hmm…after lots of amazing and thundering life episodes … I was able to reach somewhere close to (some) conclusion

That whatever shit happens in life

Is just a state ..which is there for a fraction of time

So be calm … let different shades of life happen ….. because that’s what is going to make adventure more interesting

Things will go in your favour or sometimes end up out of the way

But in this whole episode

Don’t lose yourself

The one who never loses their identity

Is the one with high standards and classy attitude (I strongly believe)

Don’t let any fake polish cover your spark

Walk and spangle the world

Because you are nothing but a Blessed Bling