Rise n Shine n Think 💭

Sometimes I wonder God was so unkind to us, that we were granted only one life!!!

This thought haunts me a lot ..when i see my checklist of things to do in life…..

Gosh!! that super crazy long check list … with unchecked tasks – always gives me a loud alarm ,” its high time…do something about it!! Time is passing and Life Is Short… and It’s Getting Shorter!!!

But i am not writing this article to crib about my one short life…… (well, that is also a problem too but I got this thing handled, i think so)

Anyhow , i was saying that I have come across lot of people and amazingly I don’t understand how do they get so much time to increase their hatred for others

Sad but true …. some people are blessed with spare mental capacity to waste their mental peace n energy on things which hardly matters


Dear Readers

I am not dialectician or somthing …I am just sharing my views from my personal so called hard fought experiences that its not worth at all..


Decide for yourself what is important for you and ultimately what makes you happy

Do good thing to others , help them

Be with them!!

Your love for every creature is supposed to increase

You are suppose to forgive others ignorance

Be kind , more tolerant and wiser!!



Random collection of thoughts

Best part of a human brain is that it can think or generate its own stream of thoughts

And these thoughts sometimes need a proper frame to project!!!

Dear Readers

In this hot summers, when my best friend sun is shining bright

Why can’t we …..

Sun got a liberty to rise beautifully above the horizon making a spectacular declaration of a new day… new beginning

It can express all kind of emotions without using any word……..

“Be it’s coolness of sunrise

Brightness of the noon

calmness of the setting Sun

Or joyfully playing with clouds n it’s rays”

Why can’t we ……. express ourselves

Think about it !!!!

Don’t let any of your emotions go waste

Pen it down or draw it

Save it or frame it

But always keep them safe with u …………

share your thoughts….. I am really glad to receive your msgs and experiences … thank u so much 🙂

DM on my Instagram … best to craziest possible thoughts … are welcomed

Till than love u!! Xo