Summer Splash 🍹

Hola!! Hope you all are doing great!!

It’s feels so great to be back 🙂

I have realised you should do things which genuinely makes you happy!!

For me it’s writing and shopping (at least for now)

Weather is changing fellas!!

Time for change … time to go crazy with winds… time to face the sunny side darling !

Here I am going to tell you the Tale of one of those March days (when I was doing nothing !!!literally😉)…………when the sun with warm smile shines and the wind blows cold: when there is warmness in the day light, and breezy in the shade. In the depth of cold nights I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. Like a welcome drizzle, skin touching breeze, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.

I am so in love with this signal of fresh start, a new beginning .

After this writing part…. I am going to talk about shopping…(my fav part) and with this I am going to include a new category in my blog…. that is style talk !!! In this fast running world of fashion.. we need to gear up!!!

So here I am

My first style talk and Well its summer start ………let’s welcome it with colours and splash 😘 time to get Hot!!!

In this post I am featuring summer style!!!!Pairing a casual cropped top….totally chick with the hottest trend of jeggings (easy and comfy)!!! You can complete the outfit with any accessory…

Tip: Don’t over do!!!! One is enough!!

Choose a classy one for yourself!! I decided to carry my perfect summer hat… (it gave me smart and an edgy feel 💋)

Perfect for casual outing, hangouts , shopping,airport style or luncheon with friends !!

Oh ya Ladies ….Shoes are really important !you can’t mess with that part… so u can pair it with casual sneakers or with high heel boots .

I love heels so I am pairing my outfit with these rough beauty from ‘promod’


Top: splash

Bottom: Only

Boots : promod

Hat: Marks & Spencer

Happy weekend … thank you for visiting and do share your looks with me on Instagram !! Stay classy and stylish

Lots of love xo!


It’s Replenishment

“In life you came across lot of turns tracks and unexpected destinations 😎

You tend to change .. I would say that change is nothing but the sign of growth. However, the basics remains the same.. you might grow as a person but certain things stays with you forever.”

Dear Readers

I swear before writing this .. I thought a lot because of the time gap I was convinced that I don’t have it anymore. But I am lucky to have amazing people around who supported me and encouraged me to write again

I don’t believe in framing words into beautiful words… It should be raw n pure …direct from heart 🙃

One thing I have realised is we think a lot.. we spend our time thinking about the things- gone in past….. things -over which, we have no control

And in this process we actually wasting the beautiful ‘present’

So take a break …. hold n

Just do what you like …

Do What makes you happy

And I am sure that’s what is important in the end

Don’t come to the conclusions … there is no point in making plans!!! Rather go without a plan … journey is going to be more interesting and adventurous !

Don’t over think or be an over doer!!!

Let life take its own course… that course can be bumpy or smooth ride, full of twist or turns….. (keep it for the experience)

And while riding this bumpy ride.. you will fall … but it’s okay