When it comes to you!!! :D

hello friends, I am back with an another thought…. this is the best part of rainy days that you get  lot of time to open your thought box…and share them with the wonderful  people around you!! right?  :”)

i really enjoy sharing my views with you all…. thank you so much 🙂

Staring at the window…holding a hot mug of coffee… and smiling!!  that is the exact time when you are thinking…possibly !!! because that’s what i do!!!

Things about what’s coming next??? how is that gonna be!!!

when this will happen…. I’ll do this and that…..!


i believe most of use use to think  that what will be our first reaction when something we desire the most will happen??? Actually we don’t know.. because we plan something else…and at that moment something else comes out..in a good way obviously 🙂

when we get into the depth of this.. we wonder what’s that very “it” we wait for??? That it can be anything special…dear to your heart and ‘it’ comes to you  in the form of happiness, family, friends, love, job or…anything beautiful you can imagine! basically ‘it’ is the gift of God..that comes as a biggest surprise to us!

Amazing Beautiful Fresh Flowers (1)

So, why to think much. this what i have feel.. just avail and enjoy the moment.. 🙂 why to plan the reaction..let it come naturally….and that reaction is best than the planned one….

and one thing more we should not expect anything….generally these expectations cutback the value of that biggie wonderful surprise..



And trust me when it comes to you unexpectedly..it is more colorful….. that feeling is the best..


             ♥♥♥♥  Wish you lots of beautiful Moments!!! xoxo



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With free thoughts....without Fear and without hate

7 thoughts on “When it comes to you!!! :D”

  1. Beautiful images. The blossoms and the sunset I love love love!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following, I now come to do the same 🙂
    Blessings to you my new friend…

  2. These are beautiful photographs!!! Where are you in India? Have never been there but feel such an affinity for the country. Almost married someone from your part of the world. Going to explore more of your posts. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking my posts. Glad it brought me here.

    1. Almost married??? well that’s interesting 🙂 i m glad you like it 🙂 India is a beautiful place indeed.. I am in Pune (Maharashtra) and the places here are highly beautiful and scenic. there are so many spots which are beautiful.. i will connect you with some of them through my post….

      Glad to meet you 🙂

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