sTyLe yOuR LiFe!!

Style equation changed again . RETRO to go!!! Fashion is having a BLAST with the PAST!!! Reversed back to classics!!

Usually one decade comes in as another goes out. This season, however, the collections cover many eras simultaneously. From the fancy clutches, narrow jeans, straight rebounded hair, aviators the season of fashion again landed to  leather bags from the 1950s, “bell-bottom jeans from the 1970s, big Sunglasses, fedoras,1950s inspired tulle skirt, polka dots dresses from the 1960s, chiffon scarves, sport equipment,  etc. Makeup may also play a part in feminine retro fashions, with focal points being heavily-lined eyes and bright red lipstick; hairstyles such as pompadours, ponytails, and  may be adopted, as well as styles that model film stars of the 1940s and 1950s.


The fashion industry loves to pay tribute to its past!!


“It’s a postmodern décollage,” said fashion historian Laura McLaws Helms of this time-warp phenomenon. True enough, it does seem that we’re at a point where everything is fair game. And when these historical allusions are refreshed with innovative fabric treatments and finessed tweaks in cut, the result is yesterday and today meeting in something fantastic to wear tomorrow. Ms. Helms is an avid vintage collector; her favorite period is the late ’60s-early ’70s for its appreciation of fantasy and femininity. She sees some of those qualities in Valentino’s latest dresses, which call to mind model-actress Marisa Berenson circa 1969. However, Ms. Helms shies away from ’70s-inspired makeup and accessories, and issued a caveat: “Looking era-appropriate is good only in a period film.Even if you’re wearing vintage, you should wear it like you would a new piece.”


Its all about fashion and fashion is all about you. Just love it, live it and feel it. Its your choice and your freedom of expression.  because its Just yOu. you decide  what you are today……retro or modern,curls or bouncy blowouts ,curves or size zero,leather bags or clutches.



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