Nostradamus prediction : India will produce the immortal ruler


Quatrain 75, Century X
Long awaited, he will not take birth in Europe, 
India will produce the immortal ruler, 
Seeing wisdom and power of unlimited scope,
Asia will bow before this conquering scholar.

As if this were not a sufficient warning to fanatics, Nostradamus makes his meaning still more explicit in the following:
Quatrain 96, Century X
The religion of the name of the seas triumphs, 
Against the fanatics of the Khalif’s adalat, 
The murderous creed of the false alefs, 
Between the Hindus and Christians will be caught. 

This prophecy need a little explication. In geography, one finds the Hindu Maha Sagar (the Indian Ocean in English). Hinduism is the only religion with a sea (an ocean, rather) named after it. The Moslem fanatics believe that the Shariat or Koranic law with its sexual licence is God-given or Khalif’s adalat. The Koran itself opens with the letter alef (A) in Arabic. Both Hindus and Christians have suffered at the hands of Moslems and seek revenge. Lebanon is a foretaste of things to come. The Nostradamian quatrain spells the doom of the creed.

If this interpretation should sound far-fetched, consider yet another prophetic quatrain:

Quatrain 50, Century L
From the peninsula where three seas meet,
Comes the ruler to whom Thursday is holy,
His wisdom and might all nations will greet,
To oppose him in Asia will be folly.

South India is the only peninsula in the entire globe where three seas meet a point and stretch away. The great Hindu leader who will wipe out our enemies will hence be a south Indian who offers worship on Thursdays. It is easy to see why Nostradamus specifically mentions Thursday as the holy day. It is only Hindus who consider Thursday sacred. Moslems pray on Friday; Jews bow before God on Saturday; Christians bawl hymns on Sunday at church. Nostradamus is making it clear here that the conqueror will be a Hindu from South India. He will bind Asia together under his rule.

The Hindu leader, however, will not be a tyrant. He will be ruthless with the Moslem fanatics. But he will win over the communists by persuading them of the timeless varieties of Hinduism. Russia will become India’s ally:
Quatrain 95, Century III
The creed of the Moor will perish,
Followed be another more popular still,
The Dnieper will be the first to relish,
The wisdom which imposes its will.

The Moslems are often called Moors by Europeans owing to the nearness of Morocco with its Moslem faith. Incidentally, the Dutch who landed in Ceylon also called the Lankan Moslems as Moors. Even today, the Lankan Moslems are officially designated as Moors.

The Dnieper is a great river in southern Russia. The seer’s forecast seems to suggest that Russia will be the first among Communist countries to abandon Marxism in favor of Hinduism. The Red comrades in our midst will doubtless throw up their hands in horror at the mere idea. But Riencourt, the French writer, quotes a prophecy made by Ramakrishna Parmahamsa shortly before his death which strongly supports the French seer’s prediction. Shri Ramakrishna declared that his next birth would be to the north-west of India. In other words, he will be reborn in Russia as a Hindu holy man! Communism is certainly a more popular creed than Islam. But both will be alike vanquished by resurgent Hinduism.

Russia will be greatly benefited by its alliance with the Hindu Rashtra. Nostradamus describes Russia’s good fortune :
Quatrain 26, Century V
The Salvic folk will be on the winning side,
And rise to the highest point,
They cast off their paltry ideological guide,
The mountain-army crosess the sea in an expidition joint.

As the Hindu troops sweep through the Middle East avenging former wrongs, the Russian army in the Caucasus mountains will link up with them. The paltry ideological guide who will be abandoned is Karl Marx. The sea to be crossed is either the Mediterranean or the Black Sea.

Inevitably, the question crops up: Are such things possible? Here is a convincing reply to prove the seer’s clairvoyance :
Quatrain 77, Century III
In October seventeen twenty-seven,
The Afghans and Turkey will score,
Areas lost by Iran, Christians beseech heaven,
Against Moslems shedding innocent gore.

This event took place exactly 172 years after the publication of the forecast by Nostradamus in 1555. Afghanistan and Turkey made an agreement in October 1727, dividing up Iran. Christian communities which came under Turkish misrule were brutally treated in Georgia and Armenia (both now in U.S.S.R). Nostradamus had never been out of France except for a brief visit to next-door Italy. Yet he foresaw what the Afghans and the Turks would do in Iran in October 1727! This is truly an amazing prediction by any reckoning. None of the parties concerned had ever heard of Nostradamus.

Let us now return to the Hindu holy war.
Quatrain 59, Century III
The empire of Islam by Hindus overthrown,
The majority of Moslems will succumb,
To radio-active fall-out by India blown,
Making Muhammad forever silent and numb.

Interestingly, in his prose-introduction to the “Centuries”, the seer dwells at some length on the destruction of Islam and Mecca. The city will be smashed up in such a way that all those who enter it will sicken and die. The only interpretation of this forecast is that there will be radioactive fall-out in the area. Nostradamus declares that the Hindus will be engaged in the task of revenge for seven years from the seventh month of 1999. Interestingly, even Islamic texts predict doom in the 15th century of their religion.

After the destruction (annihilation would be the exact word) of Islamic power, the Hindu leader will march on the Europe. Both Egypt and Israel will rally to his standard.
The Hindu leader with Hebrew leaning,
Marches on Rome and its allies,
His ships sail from Libyan mooring,
The Bible-chanting clergy dies.

This tremendous onslaught will be bloody. In yet another forecast Nostradamus remarks that the Hindu army will lose 2,50,000 men. But victory will be attained. It will be decisive.
Pressage 40
Rome of seven hills hit by calamities quick,
Storm, deluge, epidemic and consuming fire,
The Hindus give Europe a colossal kick,
And conquer it with revengeful ire.

The atrocities and fraudulent conversions by Christian missionaries will thus be avenged in the total destruction of Rome.

The Pope and his canting clergy will seek refuge in Paris. They will be assisted by a Scottish leader who is called Hadrian in the “Centuries”. This is a reference to Hadrian’s Wall to isolate Scotland built by the Roman emperor Hadrian, 1,800 years ago.

Hitherto there has been no mention of America in this narrative. Nostradamus mentions it by name only once. It is time to consider the implications of his incredible forecast :

Quatrain 66, Century X
The British leader by America sent,
Red Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London – “Roi Reb (Red)”?Will ruin Scotland by a clever plan,
Boss Reb’s foes will be sorely rem,
And damn him as unchristian man.

It has been already noted that the Scottish leader nick-named Hadrian will join hands with the Pope against the Hindus. Amazingly, the United States will side with India in the war! The Americans will nominate a leader in London who is intriguingly called Boss Reb. He will be a veritable fox in cunning. He will defeat to Scots thoroughly and bring down the Christian alliance around the Pope.

Judging by the “Centuries”, the climateric war of 1999 will find India, Russia and America ranged on one side as allies. Is this at all likely? For answer, let us turn to the famous American seeress Jeane Dixon, whose forecasts have been collated in a best-selling book. Its title is “The Gift of Prophecy”, authored by Ruth Montgomery.

Jeane Dixon correctly foresaw the Partition of India in 1947, and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi shortly afterwards. She was frequently consulted by American presidents. She told President Roosevelt in 1944 that America and Russia would be in alliance in 1999 against China. At that time (1944) Communists had not yet seized power in Peking. But in 1949 they were victorious. Incidentally, Jeane Dixon forecast Sanjay Gandhi’s death in 1980.

At present, America and Russia seem set on a collision course. Can they ever make up heir differences? Recent history proves that such about-turns are not impossible. Only 15 years ago, China and America were enemies. Today, they are allies. It would be utterly unwise to pooh pooh even bizarre possibilities. Truth is often stronger than fiction.

While the America take over the government of Britain through their nominee Boss Reb, the Hindu leader will advance upon Paris, where the Pope is holed up.

Quatrain 29, Century II
The Hindu hero will march from his base,
Nuclear destruction of ParisCrossing the Apennines to enter France,
Conquering the clouds and seas ice,
All enemies will fall before his lance.

Paris will be taken after a fierce siege. Hadrian will be killed in a vain defiance. At this juncture, Nostradamus makes a curious observation. He predicts that a tree in the center of Paris will crash down. What tree? Could it be the Eiffel Tower, built more than 300 years after his death? From a distance the Eiffel Tower rather resembles a giant oak-tree.

What of the date of the beginning of the titanic fight which will send India on a holy war? Nostradamus provides a precise answer
Quatrain 72, Century X
Bearing upon him the Mongol-sign,
The great king of terror jumps from heaven,
In July nineteen ninenty-nine,
Mars to a just war will be driven.

The classical name for the Chinese emperor was “Son of Heaven”. A Chinese leader will therefore, launch a terrible war in July (Nostradamus says seventh month) of 1999 in imitation of Genghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror. Mars is the seer’s nick-name for a French statesman who will resist China in 1999. He will be exiled from Paris till the Hindu army rescues him and restores him.

What is one to make of the predictions of Nostradamus? Will they come true? The seer himself admits that the “Centuries” were written in a mystical trance. The conscious mind did not produce them. When it is remembered that more than 800 of the forecasts have already been fulfilled in the last 400 years, skepticism seems unwarranted and inept. In quatrain 42, Century X, the seer predicted that the British empire would collapse in 1942. In that year, the Quit India movement gave the death-blow to British imperialism. What makes the forecast truly breathtaking is the fact that there was no Britain and no empire when Nostradamus published his predictions in 1555. England joined up with Scotland to form Britain only in 1603. The battle of Plassey was fought in 1757, heralding British rule in India.

Nostradamus saw far beyond both these events to forecast the end of British hegemony in 1942. This alone should make clear that the French-Jewish seer possessed divine provision.

When Nostradamus published the “Centuries” in 1555, the title referred only to the arrangement of quatrains in groups of 100 years. It was not an allusion to the hundreds of years that the predictions actually span. There are 10 centuries in all, making a total of about 1000 quatrains. But Century (7) is incomplete with only 44 verses. The short-fall is adequately made up by additional quatrains include later. Ever since their first (1555) appearance, the Centuries have been a perennial best-seller.

The first English translation of Nostradamus’s great work was made in 1672 by Theodore Garencieres. The second translation came in 1715 from the pen of a priest who called himself only by the initials D.D. The next translation was in 1891 when Charles Ward made a scholarly attempt to interpret the often-obscure quatrains. Ward’s translation was reissued in America in 1940 by the Modern Library. At that time, the Second World War had been started by Hitler.

Hitler and his Nazi Germany made a clever attempt to misuse Nostradamus for propaganda purposes. A New edition of Centuries was printed in Germany giving a totally false interpretation of his prophecies. But Nostradamus himself had not the slightest doubt about Hitler’s ultimate fate. He predicted that the Nazis would be annihilated (Quatrain 77, Century VIII) after murdering countless Jews.

In 1982, President Mitterand of France let it be known that he was an avid reader of the Centuries. In 1983, the well-known actor Orson Welles produced an immensely popular American television show on the forecasts of Nostradamus. There have ben so many English translations of the Centuries in the recent past, that the British journalist Taya Zinkin wryly remarked that Nostradamus would top any popularity poll. Mrs. Zinkin is no stranger to India. She spent many years in Delhi as a correspondent. Nostradamus predicts a glorious future for India.


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  2. Let me add you a few more words..

    The Hindu leader will be from the southern state of Kerala, but he will rule in North India, he will unite the Indian states, will check the growing regionalism. As the time comes, will annihilate Pakistan and thus the war of Armageddon begins..

      1. I love the blog!

        As per the scholar, the divide ruler will be south India, but Modi is from Western part of India which is otherwise once part of south India when our Great India was extended beyong Afghanistan.

        Jai Hind

      2. Thank you for visiting and sharing the information with us Manik… 🙂 happy reading 👍🏻

    1. May be the great astrologer have predicted that the great Indian leader will come from India that’s present in Asia and he may not have tried to mention the region the sub-continent because during those times after the discovery of America by Columbus for the West it was also India as Columbus thought that he reached India and the inhabitants of those countries were called by him as Red Indians . So, to make the people clear he used the word peninsula to denote a particular nation. My reply may be wrong so please apologize me if it is wrong

      1. Thank u for sharing your views.. please don’t apologize… I m glad u replied and I welcome your knowledge which would helpful for all of us
        Thank u Dipta

    1. hello Vijay
      Nostradamus said in his poems it will happen in 1999. but some scholars said that he mensioned the date is not the English calender. the year he said 1999 is not the date it is a code word or some thing!!
      I will surely let you know as I am searching more on this 🙂 thank you

      1. I too am very interested in nostradamus, and have been searching / reading about him

        your interpretation is different from what I have read

        The indication that he will come from a muslim / islamic country, and is termed as “barbarian” by nostradamus

        AK Agarwal

      2. hello AK Agarwal

        This can be possible that my interpretations are different.. Glad we share the same interest 🙂
        and your point of view is most welcomed ..thanks for reading 🙂

      3. Further, because I am keen to know more, can you please suggest some sites where DETAILED explanation of Nostradamus’s prophecies have been given ? I will be thankful for that list – A K Agarwal

      4. HI…
        I would love to help you… you can surf on internet or google it. you’ll easily get enough material. and there are some book with the explanation of Nostradamus’s prophecies. 🙂

        thank you 🙂

      5. I have a book on Nostradamus in Hindi translation. I have read that some years ago with great interest. In that book there were some predictions about India, in one, it was mentioned that a blue turban man, who is a brother of three sisters, will take most of the countries under his influence. His name will mean lion. Only Sikhs in India use Singh after their name as mandatory.

        Manmohan Singh always wear Blue Turban. If the prediction is right then he will be elected third time as India’s Prime Minister and will take the world under his influence.
        By the way Manmohan Singh already has influential reputation in the world. Note: Obama stating him as Economy Guru.

        Do you know anything about this prediction??

      6. The War actually happened. As the prophecy said, bearing the sign of mongols, the war will be waged in 1999. India and Pakistan had a war in 1999. Pakistan national flag has a crescent moon and star. If you can see the mongol symbol, the crescent and the star is present.

    1. Yes he will not be south India or Kerala – he belongs to the country which has a peninsula – slight misinterpretation in the meaning – however good nevertheless – we all know now the leader will be Modi and will usher the whole world into divine knowledge.

    2. I don’t think that the holy ruler will be Modi because Nostradamus’s prediction says that Narendra modi as a ruler will be the ruler of Hindus whose main agenda will be removing article 70 and build the temple of Rama and make Kashmir either independent or a colony type province of the State. Here,I have used the words regarding Kashmir because I have forgotten the exact word that has been used by Gautier . Modi has a warning also that if he does not follow the principles of the party of the Indians (B.J.P.)then, he may lose power otherwise he will remain in power and the knowledge of Hindus will be spread far and wide. But,then also, he will not be the person that has been described by Nostradamus.

  3. I have a book on Nostradamus in Hindi translation. I have read that some years ago with great interest. In that book there were some predictions about India, in one, it was mentioned that a blue turban man, who is a brother of three sisters, will take most of the countries under his influence. His name will mean lion. Only Sikhs in India use Singh after their name as mandatory.

    Manmohan Singh always wear Blue Turban. If the prediction is right then he will be elected third time as India’s Prime Minister and will take the world under his influence.
    By the way Manmohan Singh already has influential reputation in the world. Note: Obama stating him as Economy Guru.

    Do you know anything about this prediction??

    1. Into Foix enters blue King Turban
      And reigns less than a revolution of Saturn,
      King Turban white to Byzantium’s heart is banished,
      Sun, Mars, Mercury near Aquarius.

      hello Robin… there are so many different translations of Nostradamus predictions, that you cannot come to one single conclusion…. as in…check out these links

      some says this appears to describe a conflict between two Moslem leaders over the control of France or somewhere its written that turbans are a metaphor. So more you need …more new and different things you’ll get to know.

      Yes Mr.Obama called Dr. Manmohan Singh ‘Mr Guru’ (Economic Guru) I believe that may be because he was finance minister in 1991, when the country was on the verge of an economic collapse. Mr. Singh devalued the rupee, lowered taxes, privatized state-run industries, and encouraged foreign investment, reforms that helped transform the country’s economy and spark an economic boom.

      Thank you for visiting 🙂

      1. It may be Donald Trump and Netanyahu who will be going to attack France and making Syria a place of defense

  4. HIndu Leader from India will be Mr. Narendra Modi who is predicted as Leader so I am sure he will surely outshine.

  5. nastradamas date and present date diference is 11manth 9day delay nex date november 2013 wait big change is there this is true raghu king thirthahalli

    1. nastradamas date and present date diference is 11manth 9day delay nex date november 2013 wait big change is there this is true raghu king thirthahalli

      1. does this year 1999 and month july indicate kargil war that starts new tensions between two states.

      2. yeah possibly!! but there is this funny thing about this predictions…. different people have different explanation!!!

  6. Immortal ruler is none other than Lord God Narayana’s 10th incarnation with the name Kalki.

    Scholars say Kalki may take birth in Karnataka state of South India.

    Details about Lord God Narayana’s incarnations could be read and understood in Bhagavatham or Sri Vishnu Puran.

  7. Yes, I believe Narendhra Modi is the great leader he can transform Inda into the great ,But I don’t believe these type of astrological illusion’s

    1. Indeed he is!!
      And believe is an individual’s independent choice !! Such predictions are interesting to read I guess 🙂
      Thank you for reading 😊

  8. The prediction you have mentioned here about a person from India will take over the world that was already predicted in vedas and puranas. About the 10 avatar of lord Vishnu….”KALKI” who will make the changes in the world and that will be the end of Kaliyug

      1. Hey sunny!! Yeah even I read about him long back..I found it interesting..but now I have realized there are more things to know about Nostradamus predictions!!
        Well ..thanks for visiting buddy 🙂

    1. I will surely get back to you buddy.. even i am reading about it 🙂 Please do share if u find something..Thank you !

  9. I read something about ” India being conquered by the yellow people of the west ”
    is there any predictions by Nostradamus about it ……………..and thanks for this blog it is really helpful.

  10. Hello there, I have enjoyed reading your content involving the quatrains of Nostradamus! I have had for many years a great interest in his writings. This material you have put forth here is very interesting indeed. I am somewhat puzzled by some of the dates, such as 1999! Quite a few years ago a film came out in the early 80’s I think narrated by Orson Welles about the prophecies of Nostradamus. According to the interpretation given, sometime between 1999 and 2003? A long protracted war would break out between the West and an ancient form of Islam, lasting 26 years I believe. Said further that the U.S. and Russia would come together to defeat Radical Islam! Your thoughts? Would love to hear, or read them. Great Job on your Blog! Outstanding!

  11. Interesting Article. Well written. A great deal of change would take place in India for better and it should reflect in the rest of Asian countries. All the best!

  12. Well, again Nostradamus seems to have got it right. The Americans and Russians have made a meat grinder in Syria.

  13. I really liked this blog and I’d visited this website some times back. I think the Nostradamus prophecy is like to happen in the near future. If we see things today across the world. The terrorists activities are at its peak and anti Islam Semitism is grown in Europe, America, Australia and India.

    Pakistan has become a more pain in the ass to India and I personally believe India is preparing for the worst. The world war will be started by the Islamic countries(Iran). Hezbollah presence in Lebanon and Syrian regime is already a clear sign of war between, Israel, America.

    Anti Islamism is growing very fast now and soon European countries may join Israel in the event of war. Recent voting in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Germany is a example of people frustration towards Islam.

    The above article is well written and fits in between these current situations. Thank you very much.

  14. Great information. Well presented. I presume the prophecies are intended to happen after many centuries, not immediately. We can’t attribute to any of our contemporaries. Still the atrocities of Islam are considerable. Unless they turn into plague or intolerable the “immortal” will not manifest. Hope the corrections happen at the earliest by Divine intervention.

    As per Vishnu & Bhavishya purana either at Siddharshma or in South part of India the Immortal will take birth. He is none other than Kalki

    I personally appreciate your good gesture of responding to all comments

  15. And it said…..

    Egypt and Israel will rally to his standard.
    The Hindu leader with Hebrew leaning,
    Marches on Rome and its allies,
    His ships sail from Libyan mooring,
    The Bible-chanting clergy dies.

    Yes….India and Israel are great friends!

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